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Oil Painting - Alla Prima | Portrait of woman in yellow t-shirt and hat
Painting | Oil
Oil on canvas or board is most traditional medium used for centuries. I use it for Alla Prima (one session) style as well as for classical grisaille (layering) method.
Charcoal on paper Drawing Portrait | Realistic
Drawing | Charcoal
Just piece of burned wood stick - natural charcoal. I only exceptionally mix it with others medium. Not even with compressed charcoal as most artists does. The values done out of pure natural charcoal are irreplaceable.
Bizzare Art Portrait | Dry Pastel on Blue Paper | Woman's Portrait
Drawing | Dry Pastel
Dry pastel in any form provides similar result than oil paints or charcoal when in monochromatic use, I like the flexibility and spontaneity of this medium.
Sketchy Portrait | Pastel Drawing | Package Paper
My name is Marek Valovič (b. 1974) I am a self-taught artist living and working in Bratislava, Slovakia. I studied engineering on Slovak Technical University and Nuclear physic on Nuclear Research Institute. I spent years of my career as nuclear physicist later as financial analyst. One decade of such a work passed like a blink of an eye, somewhere there I decided to change it.
I begin my new career as a photographer, from there it is smaller step to the art world. Well it takes another decade to begin and master the basic secrets of art, but from this point you start to see the world through different optics.
Oil Painting | Figure of Woman | Buy Original Art
Buy Original Art
Here you can see gallery of available art. You can buy original painting or drawing.
Commission Portrait | Charcoal Impressive Drawing | Man's Portrait
Commission | Portrait
I accept all sorts of commissions, portraits or other genres. I will work from your reference photography ( I may also use my resources for commissioned art piece based on your ideas). I will not strive for photo-realistic copy but rather will freely transform the emotional impact into natural looking drawing or painting using quite often visible strokes.
Charcoal Figure | Woman | Ready To Print | Free To Download
Ready To Print
In this section you can buy or download for free full resolution JPEG files ready to print. Unlimited size of 5 prints for personal use.
Color Pencil Drawing | Sketchy | Man's Portrait | Emotion
Drawing | Pencil
Color or graphite pencil belongs to my basic tools. Usually used for sketches. They easy capture expressive emotion. Single or multi color use allows me to underline requested emotion by very natural way.

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